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TrrntZipUI V3.0.0
C# .net UI trrntzip utility with mutli core processing.

TrrntZip.NETCore.exe X64 Windows V3.0.0
TrrntZip.NETCore X64 Linux V3.0.0
C# .NetCore 3.1 command line version. Replacement from trrntzip.exe
trrntzipCMD.exe -? for info, or drag a zip file to the exe



Several fixes have been added to this release of TrrntzipUI V3.0, Better UI experience, now has a busy animation, and the UI now correctly re-enables at the end of the job set, where as before there could still be some long running re-compressions happening and the UI would re-enable.
Also changed the output name when to compression files to keep the full original name of the source file including the original extension, so now file1.bin and file1.cue would not both try and become instead they would become and

I have also updated the command line versions to match.


A little house cleaning update, version 2.9.0 has been around in the Discord channels for a while, so now it is up on here also.

09/07/2021 - TrrntZip UI update

Something happened somewhere along the way with .net, and the .exe was missing a needed library, so have added it now, and normal trrntzipping service should be resumed.

09/05/2021 - TrrntZip CMD .NETCore fix update

Updated to match latest code.

07/26/2021 - Trrntzip CMD .NETCore released

This is the command line update for trrntzip, it is now compiled using .NetCore 3.1 and published to a x64 windows build, and a x64 linux build.
This release brings the command line version back in sync with the UI version previously released.

11/27/2020 - Trrntzip UI 2.8 released

Big Rework to trrntzip UI to work much faster, including a parallel task to find all the files to be checked.
Removed Iso to Zip in trrntzip. (did not really make to much sense doing this here.)
Trrntzip UI has now able to read many more compression types.
This release includes a newer compression library that I have added many more de-compression type to...
(This is library is only supported in Trrntzip UI right now. This will appear in RomVault in the next major update.)

The old compression library could read types:
0 - The file is stored (no compression)
8 - The file is Deflated

The new compression library can now read types:

0 - The file is stored (no compression)
1 - The file is Shrunk
2 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 1
3 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 2
4 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 3
5 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 4
6 - The file is Imploded
8 - The file is Deflated
9 - Enhanced Deflating using Deflate64(tm)
12 - File is compressed using BZIP2 algorithm
14 - LZMA
98 - PPMd version I, Rev 1

Supported, with external DLL
20 - deprecated (use method 93 for zstd)
93 - Zstandard (zstd) Compression

11/27/2020 - Also included the following Trrntzip Format Updates

Switch trrntzip to use code page 437 (IBM) for the default ZIP filenames, and use unicode if characters are not found in code page 437.
Fixed a bug in rv & Trrntzip that was unnecessarily adding a zip64 central directory header to some zip64 files.

Older Updates

08/27/2020 - Big update to TrrntZipUI, added new Pause and Cancel buttons. You can also now drop more files in the drop in box while is it still running. Trrntzip.NET.exe gets a small core update just to that it is matching the core version.
03/13/2020 - Updated both version to fix potential error found in ZIP64 code.
02/20/2020 - Reworked the CPU Core count, to use a slider to select count, also all UI selection are stored in config file now correctly & fixed progress indicators.
02/08/2020 - Small update to TrrtZipUI, added a check box to set to use 3 out 4 (75%) of the available CPU Core, so some are left for other things.
06/11/2019 - Fixed a UTF8 (Unicode) Ascii bug. UTF8 files name storage now used if characters are greater the 127.
07/20/2018 - Added flushing the log buffer, so that log file is not truncated.
07/19/2018 - Update TrrntZip.NET.exe to V1.0.2 added basic loging
07/18/2018 - Both version have just been updated with the latest ZIP64 fixes.